What to do during a staff termination or change of employment?

The final category of Human Resource Security is how our security handles both employee terminations and when an employees role is changed in some way. Thus HR Security should be a consideration at all stages of an employee’s time at the organization.

7.3.1. Termination or change of employment responsibilities.

An organization’s security should take into account staff turnover; Ensuring that when employees leave, either through termination or resignation, there is limited negative impact on the organization’s security posture. This requires additional planning to address security concerns and challenges.

We need to ensure that our IT departments are in sync with our HR departments so that the employee’s access to information systems is revoked at the correct time to protect our systems and data from the former employee. This coordination is also required to ensure company equipment in the possession of the employee is returned. The employee should also be made aware of any obligations he or she has to the organization after his employment ceases, such as NDA’s and non-compete clauses.

These steps should be carried out when-ever an employee leaves their role even if they are simply taking up a new role in the same company, as it limits the risk of data breaches and permission/privilege creep. One of the more neglected issues that impact companies is that when an employee moves teams, is promoted or has a similar role change; they are given the access required to carry out their new role, but the access they had for their previous role is retained. This can lead to long serving employees having access far in excess of what they need to carry out their tasks and presenting a risk. It is better to prevent this by removing access as it is no longer required.

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